Montag, 30. April 2018

Our Adventures in Athens and Santorini: April 2018

For seven days of sun, laughter, drama and learning, we embarked on a journey to Athens and Santorini. A delegation of twelve PhD students (Mari Yamasaki, Sonja Speck, Katharina Zartner, Tristan Schmidt, Marie-Charlotte von Lehsten, Oxana Polozhentseva, Laura Borghetti, Shahrzad Irannejad, Aleksandar Milenković, Rebekka Pabst, Sina Lehnig and Jonny Russel) and three professors (Prof. Pommerening, Prof. Althoff and Prof. Fischer) and our research coordinator (Alexandra Hilgner) left their office desks from the 9th of April till the 15th of April 2018, to go on a trip organized mainly by our speakers Sonja Speck and Mari Yamasaki. 

Read more about what we saw and did in these three blog posts: 

Exkursion des GRKs nach Athen und Santorini – aus der Perspektive der professores
Episode 1: VIPs in Cycladic culture: Idols, Sea and Eruptions

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