Mittwoch, 20. Dezember 2017

International Workshop "Resurrecting the Ancient Mind"

Logo of the International Workshop
“Resurrecting the Ancient Mind. Cognitive Science in Archaeology and Philology”
(Courtesy of Aleksandar Milenković and Evgeniya Kochkina).

On December 5th and 6th – after months of planning and preparing – the international workshop “Resurrecting the Ancient Mind. Cognitive Science in Archaeology and Philology” organized by doctoral candidates of our Research Training Group took place at the Institut Français in Mainz (see here the entire programme). The workshop started off with an opening talk and was divided into three panels corresponding to our different fields of research: 

  • Panel 1: Cognitive Theory in Art and Archaeology (speakers: Prof. Bob Kentridge, Prof. Paul Pettitt [both Durham], Prof. Christoph Huth [Freiburg]), organized by Katharina Zartner and Sonja Speck, with the kind help of Prof. Sabine Gaudzinski-Windheuser
  • Panel 3: Cognitive Linguistics and Philology (speakers: Dr. Ines Köhler [Berlin], Prof. Anthony Corbeill [Oxford], John R. Taylor [Otago]), organized by Shahrzad Irannejad, Mirna Kjorveziroska, Marie-Charlotte von Lehsten and Oxana Polozhentseva, with the kind help of PD Dr. Annemarie Ambühl and Prof. Tanja Pommerening

Read about the enlightening talks, short presentations by the PhD students, the ensuing fruitful discussions and the various outcomes of the workshop in four separate blog entries.

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